Which are your top five countries?

  1. Fiji
    - the most friendly people in the world - BULA!
  2. Papua New Guinea
    - where we met the most wonderful people!
  3. Peru
    - for the hiking and the unique cultural experiences
  4. Ecuador
    - for the culture and cool winter climate
  5. Guadeloupe
    - for the beautiful scenery, economical living, and education

Where are you from?                        

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

When did you leave Canada?             

September 2015

How long do you anticipate being aboard?

We have a three-year plan, bringing us back to Canada the summer of 2018.

Where has your journey taken you?


Which countries have you yet to visit?

  •  Only one country left to visit - Australia.
    We will return home July 2018.